High-Performance Culture Spotlights

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In Part 5 of our eBook series, Performance Management for High-Performance Cultures, read stories of companies who have successfully overhauled their performance management process in favor of creating a high-performance culture. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • High-performance cultures reward a mindset of growth, learning, and innovation
  • These companies create a people-centric process that separates performance measurement from performance development
  • Reflecting the fast-paced, dynamic nature of today’s workplace, high-performance companies collect feedback from a variety of people on an ongoing basis

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“Rather than looking back to rate someone's performance, we wanted to look ahead to create an environment where we could enable our team members to perform at their best. Zugata aligns well with our vision
 because it lets our team members receive continuous feedback from the people they work with and access personalized development resources.”

Director of Talent at Greenhouse

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