Webinar: Smoothly Transition to a New
Performance Management Solution

Amy Dobler
Director of Employee Success & Business Partnership at Zapproved,
Former Director of Employee Success & HRBP at Jive




Traditional annual performance reviews are limited by their ability to accurately capture and improve an employee’s performance. As the HR industry recalibrates its approach to performance management, many are left wondering: what would it look like to implement another method of performance management?

Amy Dobler, the former Director of Employee Success at Jive, asked this question when she chose to re-evaluate Jive’s review process. In this webinar, Amy will elaborate on how their team implemented a people-centric approach to performance management that created a culture of coaching, feedback, and growth.

Amy will speak in-depth on:

  • How to rebuild a performance management framework that involves employees in the process
  • The data-driven framework they implemented and how it drove more meaningful dialogue between managers and employees
  • How the switch dramatically increased employee engagement with the new process by 3x and communication by 5x


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