Jive Case Study 

A People-Centric Performance Management Overhaul



Jive, a global software company building communication and collaboration solutions for businesses, has grown to over 600 employees since being founded in 2011. Despite such growth and frequent internal changes, the company values have stayed intact and driven the culture. Still, they needed a way to transform their existing performance management process into a people-first program to keep up with such impressive growth. In this case study you'll learn how Jive drove a new framework with:

  • Continuous Development
  • Rich Manager Check-Ins
  • Culture of Transparency
  • Unbiased Evaluations

We wanted to create a culture of continuous feedback to drive individual and company performance. Having moved from heavy annual performance reviews to match the pace of our business, Zugata at Jive Software underscores the necessity of frequent feedback, and gives employees & managers a lightweight tool to accomplish just that.”

Previously Director of Employee Success & HR Business Partner at Jive Software