How to Build a Culture of Continuous Feedback & Development

Discover how organizations create high-performance cultures built on a foundation of continuous feedback. 




For organizations seeking to create a high-performance culture where employees are growing and developing in a fast-paced environment, continuous feedback is an essential element. After all, if you're investing in employees' success, you have to let them know where they're succeeding and areas they need to grow. But adopting a culture of feedback can seem daunting, so we've outlined key strategies to get your team on board to optimize for success: 

  • Above all else, organizations need to focus on creating a psychologically safe place where employees believe they are trusted and given room to make a few mistakes in order to learn and grow
  • Organizations can take a strategic stance by incorporating key feedback expectations into early onboarding conversations
  • Incentivize employees by making sure the process is simple and straightforward, and provide useful automations for them along the way 

In this eBook,  you’ll discover how leading organizations can and have implemented a continuous feedback culture that drives continuous development. Get ready to build a culture of feedback by downloading your own free copy. 

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