Webinar: Creating a Culture of Continuous Feedback and Development

Srinivas Krishnamurti
CEO of Zugata




It seems like every day, a new company announces its plan to get rid of the performance review. Rightfully so—according to CEB, a company of 10,000 employees spends an average of 200 manager hours and $35 million annually on this process, which yields little to no return. 

In order to create a high-performance culture, you will need a more holistic framework that is designed to allow employees to own their development, creating an impact on your company culture and bottom line. Incorporating the practices of continuous feedback and employee development resources are vital staples in creating a performance management process that will help engage and retain employees. In this webinar, Srinivas Krishnamurti, the CEO and co-founder of Zugata, a performance management software company, will walk through how to effectively establish these practices in your company culture. 

You will learn: 

  • How to equip employees with actionable feedback that leads to continuous performance improvement
  • How to increase adoption of continuous feedback and development practices amongst employees and management
  • The role that HR and Managers play in employee-owned development and the right cadence for manager check-ins and feedback
  • How real companies have successfully implemented an employee-centric performance model focused on continuous feedback and development

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