Building Inclusive Cultures: A Guide to Limit Bias & Unlock Potential

Build an inclusive, growth-minded culture and watch performance take off

Creating a culture of inclusion is central to business success—it’s not just the right thing to do, but it provides immense value for overall performance. So why is it that companies get stuck and struggle to create marked impact on inclusion initiatives? 

I. Feedback

Feedback is essential to employee development and growth, but what happens when there’s little structure around the process? Unconscious bias creeps in. This often results in lower quality, personality-based, and more subjective feedback for women—hindering their development opportunities and ability to rise in their career. This is far from inclusive, but we’ll walk you through creating better processes that reduces bias.


II. Reviews

While ratings give a sense of historical familiarity and lead people to believe they ‘know where they’re at,’ it’s actually a process that opens the floodgates for many different types of bias. Did you know we tend to rate people based on our own skills and competencies? That means we’re making pay and promotion decisions based on our own unconscious bias that impacts the future of the workforce. We’ll cover research that shows how to create a fair process that supports inclusion.

III. Culture

While many companies state they have key cultural values, many fail to ‘walk the walk.’ We’ve found that culture is truly in the behaviors you reward, which can often send mixed messages to employees. Inclusive cultures deliver undeniable organizational benefits—they’re 6x more likely to be innovative and agile, 8x more likely to achieve better business outcomes, and 3x more likely to be high-performing. With some key insights, we’ll cover the way to move the needle on inclusion.


Discover what it takes to unlock inclusion and build a high-performance culture for all employees.